1. Virgin Adoring Child by Fra Filippo Lippi.

    Among the painters of the Quattrocento Fra Filippo is important because his influence can be traced in the work of the two great generations which succeeded him. It is enough here to point out the rendering of the Virgin’s face to see a distinct resemblance to the Botticelli type. The conception is full of charm. The Infant is carried by two cherubs, of whom one is hidden save for the face. The other turns a frank and charming smile to us and the Mother regards her Son with that subtly mystic elusiveness which we see in the faces of some of Andrea del Sarto’s pictures. Fra Filippo Lippi, who must not be confused with his son, Filippino, was the son of a butcher and born about 1406. He entered the Carmelite community at Florence and there studied his art. It is said that he abducted a nun, and it was their child who became the famous Filippino. (C. P.)

    [From “The World’s Famous Painting” by Martin Conway and Charles J.Holmes, edited by J.A. Hammerton.]


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